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Friday, 26 February 2010


As difficult as it it to land yourself in your dream job, keep trying! Never give up!!! One day, those doors will open for you and your dreams will come true!! Just have hope. Have faith in God. And be Positive. You will attract it.

All the best!!

- Millie

Monday, 7 December 2009

New Day, New Blog!

Welcome to Joboholic! This is just the start, but one day, this blog will be huge! I intend to post lots of jobs on this blog, as well as give job seekers an opportunity to connect.

I do not want to restrict the collection of jobs with any boundaries, hence you'll be able to read about available vacancies from all over the world. As job seekers, you can choose where you want to work..its great!

Employers please feel free to advertise your jobs on this blog...for FREE!! Yep..I won't be charging for job advertisements, so bring it on! Just send me an email at this address with your vacancy details, job descriptions and other requirements, and I'll post it within 24 hours!

So I guess I should get started now eh? Keep watching this blog...lots of things will be added in due time!

Have a nice day!